Fire safety and its importance in the safety of your loved ones

Fire safety is important while dealing with fire or electrical appliances. Awareness and action can prevent mishaps. It is said better safe than sorry! Stay safe!

Fire safety and its importance in the safety of your loved ones

The most common household hazards are fire hazards. The extensive use of electrical appliances to use LPG gas cylinders can cause fire-related accidents. Therefore fire safety should be of the essence. The number cause of household mishaps is kitchen fires. Household fires can have devastating effects on a family physical, financial and emotional. According to research by NCRB, 35 people die of fire accidents each day in India. Out of it, 56% of the fires are household accidents. And the major cause of the household accident is gas cylinder explosions. The second-highest number of accidents are due to short circuits.  

It is important to be ever ready to tackle such hazards in our households. With children around it becomes even more important to be alert and educated about fire safety measures. Here are a few ways in which you can fireproof your household.

Get a Fire extinguisher installed for fire safety

Fire extinguishers might seem like an unnecessary piece of safety device to have at home. Most of us might even question the use of this device. Yet Fire extinguishers are lifesavers in case of any fire mishaps. It is important to place them in strategic places so that it is accessible in case of any fire outbreak.  A kitchen is a place that is prone to mishaps, place somewhere reachable and strategic in case of an accident. Family members should be aware of how to use the fire extinguisher.

Smoke alarm for fire safety

Smoke alarms or fire alarms save lives. These detectors sense smoke and alert the household about any possible mishaps. This buys us time for any possible disaster response or to call the fire safety department. They are becoming more and more popular in Indian households due to their efficiency. Smoke alarms generally come along with sprinklers to ward off any fire breakout that might have happened. In numerous cases, smoke detectors helped save lives and property. There is a wide range of smoke detectors available in the market. Choose wisely!

Invest in a genuine gas safety device

The Indian market is very limited when it comes to Gas safety devices. According to statistics, most gas accidents happen due to gas leaks. This is to say that the generic gas safety device is unable to deliver at its end. Integrated Gas Technologies is pioneering in gas safety devices in India. It provides what the Indian market couldn’t for long. IGT manufactures high-quality products in compliance with European standards. Each product is uniquely designed for hassle-free use. High-grade raw materials like, Zamac, brass, steel, and rubber are used for product durability and longevity. It comes with the following features, they are:

  • High-Quality Products
  • Unique design 
  • 5 years warranty
  • Customer-centric products
  • Affordable
  • 100% safe

Do not leave your cooking unattended

Cooking on Gas stoves can pose a risk of fire mishaps. While cooking, the stove should not be left unattended. Factors like children, airflow, pets, or simple cooking pills can flare fire. Therefore it is essentials to be present while cooking. It is also advisable to keep children and pets away from stovetops and electrical appliances. While cooking, it is better to wear cotton and breathable fabrics.

Keep our electric devices in check

Many a time fire mishaps are caused by unchecked electrical devices and sockets. Rule number one to always keep electrical appliances or sockets dry. Water can spark up flames. It is advisable to keep them away from the reach of children or child-proof the home. It should be a mandate to keep all the electric devices in check and service. Replace worn-out switched boards with new ones. It is vital to keep track of the health of your electrical devices.

Along with all of the above, it is essential to understand that fire is risky and can cause major mishaps. Educating the kids and keeping safety equipment will minimize the risk of any mishaps. It is important to be responsible while dealing with fire or electrical appliances. It is said better safe than sorry! Stay safe!

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