Kitchen gardening: A more sustainable & eco-friendly lifestyle choice!

Kitchen gardening will indulge your mind, body, and soul. Gardening in itself invokes a sense of peace; when we talk about kitchen gardening, it is a small step towards sustainable living.

Kitchen gardening: A more sustainable & eco-friendly lifestyle choice!

All you need to know to start your kitchen garden!

Have you ever wanted your little garden in your kitchen space, where you can pick out fresh herbs for your salad dressing? Well, it’s time to make that beautiful thought a reality. I know the thoughts of building your kitchen garden from-the-scratch might sound like a lot of work. With the right tips and tools, you will do just fine! The result of this journey will bring a wide smile on your face, freshness to your plate, and above all, it will change your lifestyle.

Kitchen gardening will indulge your mind, body, and soul. Gardening in itself invokes a sense of peace; when we talk about kitchen gardening, it is a small step towards sustainable living. The herbs, veggies, and fruits that you will grow in your little paradise will be 100% organic and chemical-free, making it the healthiest choice for your diet.

In this article, you will be able to explore the world of kitchen gardening in a nutshell.

What to plant?


Herbs are great for your overall well-being. Herbs are a healthy choice to add to your diet; growing your herbs can save you a lot of money. These fresh herbs are not just great for your health but add flavor and color to your platter.

You can grow a range of herbs according to your need and liking, but these are few suggestions to start your kitchen garden.


Mint is a herb with several medicinal properties; it is known for its calming effect. It carries a rich minty flavor and sharp aroma making it a must-have for any kitchen garden. From your mojitos to your salad, this can be used in a variety of recipes. It spreads in the soil very soon and hence easy to maintain.


Basil has been a must in Indian households for centuries; not many know the health benefits it brings to the table. It is used as a remedy for several diseases. Apart from this, it is used in teas, salads, pizza, etc. 


This beauty adds to the ascetics of your kitchen garden. This blue-flowered shrub has a great fragrance. It is extensively used for beauty benefits. During festivities, rosemary stuffed chicken is a popular dish. Rosemary can be used in teas and concoctions to treat ailments. 


Switching from store-bought veggies to organically grow veggies will bring a transformation in your diet. It will be available to you in its purest form at your dinner table. 


Potatoes grow by themselves! Just leave them out on the table. That’s how easy it is to grow them. All you have to do is bury it in the soil. We use potatoes is practically everything; therefore it is wise to grow them in your garden. 

Spring Onions

Filled with flavor and aroma, spring onions are universal in many recipes. These are highly nutrient-rich and healthy. You can use these greens on your salads, rice, rolls, etc. They grow easily. The best season to plant them is during the monsoon rains. 


These are a little complex to grow, yet they make salads great. Cut the tomato in half and plant it in the soil. Tomatoes grow best in mild warmth. Tomatoes grow easily and quickly. You can use it in a variety of dishes. From puree to sauce, tomatoes can be very useful. 


Peppers can be used to add spice and for seasoning on your platter. You can never have enough peppers. When we use it so extensively, what better than grow it in your garden? You can choose from a wide range of peppers according to your liking. You can grow peppers in a reused container. Sow some seeds and get going. 


Fresh organically grown fruit can be just delicious. It may seem like a tedious task, but it is not that difficult. If you have a backyard then the sky is your limit for your fruit kitchen garden dream. If you have restricted space you can choose from plants that can be easily grown in containers, bottles, etc. If you still want the full fruit garden experience, you can explore the world of bonsai. 


From lemonades to lemon tarts, lemons are universal and never go waste. Lemons are very refreshing and widely used in weight-loss regimes. This plant can be easily grown using the seeds of lemon you purchased from the store.  


If you have long term plans for your kitchen garden then you should plant blueberries. They produce fruit for 40-50 years. They are high in antioxidants and have proven health benefits. They don’t bear fruit for two years of planting. If you are short of space and can spare a little more, you can invest in a bonsai. 


Kiwis thrive in sunlight (under 45 degrees). They are highly nutritious and also tasty. You can either start from scratch and plant the seeds or get a sapling. When the kiwi flowers bloom, these fill the area with a sweet aroma. If you are someone who is diet conscious, you should go ahead and plant this. 


Flowers add an element of beauty and infuse fragrance into the kitchen air. They also add an aesthetic value to your plate!


Rose can be grown easily in your backyard or a container; all you need is a stem. Rose can be used to make jams, tarts, jellies, drinks, biryani, curd salad, etc. These have a delightful fragrance and look beautiful. 


Chamomile is known for its calming properties. It is also a muscle relaxant. Chamomile belongs to the daisy family and is a white beauty. Chamomile is also a herbal remedy or aliments. Chamomile can be consumed as a tea, in butter, or your breakfast choice. You can be grown it in a pot or a container.


They are one of the most eaten edible plants. They beautify your garden/kitchen area and are also a delicacy around the world. Nasturtiums are eaten as salads, with sandwiches, etc. They have a mild pepper taste. They are best grown in your backyard. 

I hope this inspires you to start your kitchen garden. As you plan your kitchen garden, think of kitchen safety. When you are busy gardening and having fun, is your kitchen safe? Ensure your kitchen with IGT gas safety. It will ensure 100% safety while you are exploring the world of kitchen gardening.

In the next articles, we will dive deeper into understanding kitchen gardening. 

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