Affordable ways to redecorate your kitchen space: Kitchen spaces should be inspiring and creative!

Bring more creativity into your kitchen space! With some time to spare in the time of the pandemic, redoing your kitchen can be the perfect project for your entire family.

Affordable ways to redecorate your kitchen space: Kitchen spaces should be inspiring and creative!

Are you tired of the same old kitchen space? It is time to bring some change and redecorate your cooking area. With the outbreak of coronavirus, people are spending more time in the comfort of their homes. More so, in their kitchens; the scare of COVID-19 has pushed people into experimenting and polishing their cooking skills. Each one is coming up with exciting and innovative culinary talents. We can say this is a boon in disguise! When so much is happening in your kitchen, don’t you believe it should be a place that awakens inspiration? Bring more creativity into your kitchen space! With some time to spare in the time of the pandemic, redoing your kitchen can be the perfect project for your entire family. 

In this blog, you will find creative yet cost-effective ways to redecorate your kitchen space. So roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Bring on the green game! Redecorate with plants.

Bringing mother nature into your kitchen will not just add the right pop of color; it can also act as your little kitchen garden. Who doesn’t like freshly chopped greens on their salad? From mint to chilly plants everything is welcomed. If you are in the mood for experimentation, you can explore the world of micro-green. This is a healthy and affordable alternative to add to your kitchen and your diet. Check out for everything on micro-greens. 

Rack it!

Pot & pan racks free up spaces in the cabinet, they also can be cleverly used as design elements to redecorate your kitchen. You can choose your kind of rack according to the size and space available in your kitchen. If you have time, you can make your kitchen rack! All that matters is the aesthetic arrangement pots on the rack to create design sense.

Check out for DIY pot rack inspirations.

Safety With style 

Along with design and decor, we should focus on making our kitchen a safe place for the whole family. IGT Gas safety device is one such product that is chic and also provides 100% safest. It is a smart design choice, it is compact and stylish. It comes with the following:

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Go with a theme!

While you have decided to redecorate, go with a theme. Themed anything is a good option when it comes to interior designing. When you go with a theme, it creates more aesthetic sense and outlines what you are working with. The decision on the color scheme and feel of the place are two major parts of the theme.

Some trending theme ideas are:

  • Neutrals/ earths
  • Pop of turquoise 
  • Simply black & white

The feel of the space is very personal to your liking, for example, few prefer to have a clean and earthy feel and others want a cozy and warm kitchen. Whatever your preference is always remember less is more! Decide on the elements you want to highlight and the elements supporting the highlighted elements. Be clear about the output. The best way to go about it is picturization of your result. 

DIY Kitchen décor

The best part about DIY projects is that they are so personalized and creative. This can get the whole family together on a creative table. The DIY projects can not only save you some buck, but they can also give new look to scrap. 

Some DIY ideas for kitchen decor are:

·         Blackboard

This is one of the simplest yet one of the best ways to engage and showcase your creativity in the kitchen. You can put up quotes or breakfast menus. This space can also be used by kids in the house to draw and show their talent. 

·         Recycled bottle hanging lights

Good Lighting fixtures can weigh down your wallet, why do buy when you can recycle from your wine cellar. You can transform what was once just a bottle into beautiful hanging lights. 

·         DIY spoon rack

One of the simplest this to make is a spoon rack. All you need is an old piece of wood and a few nails. It adds a very rustic feel to the whole space.

·         Planters

If you plan on getting plants into your kitchen, look no further for planters! You can make use of glass bottles, broken cups, bowls, and what, not for your plants. These kinds of plant holders increase the artistry of the entire room. 

Kitchen Linen

Choosing kitchen linen is functional but can add to the whole aesthetics of the kitchen. Choose kitchen linen according to the theme of the kitchen. Go for hues and tones of the theme color. Gone are the days when we try to hide away our kitchen linen in our cabinets. Use them as elements of design. Get an old ladder and hang your kitchen linen on it or make a DIY linen hanger. Get your Linen hanging.

Intelligent shelving and clear counter space.

Nobody enjoys a cluttered counter space. The counters should be clean and spacious for a great cooking experience. Therefore smart shelving is important. Cluttered on the counter space can ruin the whole aesthetics of your decor. DIY shelving projects can be cost-effective and will add to the overall look of the kitchen. Check out for more on shelving ideas.


Light plays a huge part in the way a room can look; it can either transform or spoil the whole design of the room. Natural lighting can be one of the best ways to light up your kitchens. Large windows are ideal for a kitchen setup. They will not just light up the room in the day, but also will create a sense of openness in the room. Additional to this, choose lighting according to the tone of your kitchen. If you are going for a neutral look, go for whites. If you want to create a cozy look, go for oranges, it gives a warmer look.

These are just a few tips to get you going with your redoing project. Remember, it is your kitchen, feel free to experiment and innovate. Keep me posted on your journey, get decorating now!


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