Kitchen cleaning hacks: Make your cleaning experience a cakewalk!

Daily cooking leaves the kitchen messy! Don’t worry we have the perfect hacks to make cleaning easy for you. A few simple tips and tricks can make your cleaning journey a walk in the park. All you need are the right cleaning concoctions, tools, and few creative ideas!

Kitchen cleaning hacks: Make your cleaning experience a cakewalk!

Kitchen cleaning hacks

Daily cooking leaves the kitchen messy! Don’t worry we have the perfect hacks to make cleaning easy for you

Cooking is an integral part of our daily life. While most of us enjoy cooking, the after-math of cooking can leave us in quite a trauma. From the stovetop, to the floor everything needs to be cleaned. If you are going for a seasonal deep cleaning then the wrong technique will use up your energy without any proper results. A person with OCD will surely be troubled with a dirty kitchen, what we need is not hard work but smart work!

A few simple tips and tricks can make your cleaning journey a walk in the park. All you need are the right cleaning concoctions, tools, and few creative ideas!

Let us divide the areas quickly;

  1. Stove cleaning
  2. Sink cleaning
  3. Counter cleaning
  4. Floor cleaning

Stove cleaning

Stove cleaning is a herculean task! One of the most stubborn marks can be found on the surface of the stove. Oil grease to tough curry marks resides on this part of the kitchen. It is said, the messier the cook the tastier the meal! You cannot avoid these spills but you can simplify the cleaning process. Here are a few magic


Vinegar can do wonders when it comes to cleaning. It can make your stovetop look like new once more. It is inexpensive and easily available in your kitchen. Grab a utensil scrub (make sure it does not cause scratches), add few drops of vinegar to it. Give the surface a good scrub. Wash it with room temperature water; your stove-top will look as good as new!

Hot water

Sometimes the answer is plain and simple – hot water! All you have to do is heat some water, pour it on the surface you are meaning to clean, and just wipe off with a sponge. Some stain might require you to scrub it. This is the easiest technique in the dictionary of cleaning yet very effective.

Lemon juice and Baking powder

Lemon juice is a natural alternative to cleaning formulas. When lemon juice is combined with baking powder they can remove the toughest of stains in just one go. Add some baking powder to the dirty surface, add lemon juice, and scrub it with a sponge. Just one wipe is required to get all the stains out.

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Sink cleaning

Raise your hands if clogged sinks are your worst nightmare! Having clogged drains are unwashed utensils are not a pleasant environment to cook in. Sink cleaning is messy and also something no one wants to do. But with these cleaning hack sink cleaning will be easy!


Do you have a soda can at home? Great! That’s all you need to clean the clogged sink drain. This method won’t require you to get your hands all messy. All you need to do is open up a can of soda and pour it down the drain! Wait for an hour or so and ta-da! Just like that your clogged drain is fixed!

Baking soda

Baking soda is versatile and can be also used to clear out a clogged drain. Take two full spoons of baking soda, mix it in a cup of water. Pour it down the drain and watch it clear out all the junk. It is just magical!


  The good old plunger is very useful if you do not have the above ingredients in your reach! It sure takes some time and hard work to get the sink unclogged but it is as useful as it can be. The technique is plain and simple – press and pull.

Counter cleaning

Countertops are the most used part of the kitchen; this also makes the messier part of the kitchen. A range of spills and the occasional mishaps can leave them looking dry and dull. Cleaning these countertops is essentials to maintain hygiene and the aesthetics of the kitchen.  The best practice is to clean it each time after use. But if you some who is busy and prefer to do it weekly, you can try these hacks to make it easier.

Dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid is always available in your kitchen. If you have a marble countertop in your kitchen, this is the easiest way to get rid of light stains to medium stains. Mix some dishwashing liquid in a bowl of water, spread it on the countertop, and leave it there for an hour. After an hour sprinkles lukewarm water on the counter and uses a sponge to wipe it clean. Your counter will be shiny as new!

Lemon and vinegar

Lemon and vinegar can work wonders if used right. Slice the lemon into two equal halves and pour some vinegar on the spots with tough stains. Scrub the piece of lemon on the stains. Wash it with lukewarm water. Lemon has antibacterial properties; it is good for the overall hygiene of the kitchen.\

Floor cleaning

Floor cleaning should be a daily activity. If not done on time can lead to a lot of mishaps. Therefore this should be part of your daily ritual. The floor tends to get dirty due to the spill, leaks and what not! If you have kids living in the house, it is essential to keep the floor clean.

Chlorine Bleach

Are your kitchen tiles piled up with years of stains and you are unable to get rid of them? Try store-bought chlorine bleach! Chlorine bleach is quite popular for tile cleaning, not just in the kitchen but also in your bathrooms. Chlorine bleach can be proved to excellent in cleaning a messy kitchen floor. Be careful while using chlorine bleach, keep away from children, and always use protective gear such as gloves, masks while working around it.


You must be wondering what does a tea bag has to do with cleaning. Teabags are excellent for wooden floor kitchens. If you feel like your wooden flooring has lost luster, try out the tea bag trick. Soak some tea bags in warm water, leave it for a while. Once the water cools and becomes concentrate, use it to shine your wooden floor.

I hope this blog will turn your kitchen cleaning nightmare into an easy-peeasy task. Do share your experience down below. Any other hacks that you know are also welcomed! Happy cleaning!

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