Step into the New Year with Safety

As we step into this New Year with the pandemic still around us, we should take a few minutes to think about safety in our homes. This will make your home a safer place for your family. There are a few essentials that should be there in each household to lead a safe and stress-free life.

Step into the New Year with Safety

Step into the New Year with Safety

A very Happy and Safe New Year to you and your family! The past year has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us. The word SAFETY ruled our lifestyle. With the outbreak of the deadly virus – COVID19, we have changed the way we think about safety. As we step into this New Year with the pandemic still around us, we should take a few minutes to think about safety in our homes. This will make your home a safer place for our families. There are a few essentials that should be there in each household to lead a safe and stress-free life. 

Let’s look into the 9 must-haves for every household:

  • Sanitizer

The sanitizer has become an integral part of our daily routine. The importance of sanitizers grew with the strike of COVID-19. It was so extensively used that it was out of stock for a long time last year. With the ongoing pandemic and for general safety sanitizer is a must home safety product. It has the ability to kill disease-causing bacteria that can be transmitted through your hands. However, while using a sanitizer do follow some caution. It is flammable in nature. Make sure to carry sanitizer on you while you leave your home.

  • Fire Extinguisher

Fire mishaps are unfortunate yet a possibility in any household. Fire extinguishers are handy and easy-to-use in case of any fire accident. You should always have an extinguisher at arm’s length in the kitchen area. The Fire extinguisher foam spray is the best choice to keep in your kitchen. It comes in a 500ml can, therefore making it easy-to-use. Safeopro is another option to install in your home. It is heavier than the spray foam but highly effective. Whichever option you go for, make sure to install a fire extinguisher in your homes.

  • Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors/alarms have been a savior in many grave mishaps. It alerts the households before the situation becomes worse. Households have kitchens, electricity circuits, etc. which are highly flammable therefore installation of smoke detectors makes the house environment safer. There are two types of smoke detectors: photoelectric (optical) and ionisation (physical process), a combination of both is the safest option. You can choose from a variety of smoke detectors available, one of the best ones to choose from is Apollo Smoke Detector.

  • Suction bath mats

Bathroom slips are common and pose a high risk of injuries. The tiles and water make in an accident-prone environment. Especially when you step out of the shower you need to very careful. Suction bath mats in your washroom will help against skids and slips. These mats have suction cups which help them keep in place. This should be on your essentials list. This will also help keep the washroom tidy and neat.  There are a lot of options available in the market, you can choose to your liking.

  • First-aid kit

Day-to-day accidents are common in any household. The first-aid kit helps control minor to major accidents. You can make your own first-aid kit with essentials during an emergency. Check out Red Cross to make your own first-aid kit. Always place the first-aid kit in reach of every family member. Make sure to educate them on the basics of what to do in case of a specific emergency. In case you have a medical condition that may need monitoring, include that in your first-aid kit.

  • Emergency Phone Numbers

In a world full of Mobile phones, we do not give importance to the need for emergency phone numbers. Households especially with children, emergency phone number plays a vital role in case of any accidents. If you have a land dial connection, you can have important contacts on the speed dial to make it easy. Even our cell phones come with these features. But to be disaster-ready, the best way is to write it down and place it on the fridge or your living room. In case of power out or any such situation when you cannot use your phone, this might help.

  • Disaster Kit

Disasters don’t come with a heads-up, they just show up. The best that we can do is always being prepared in anticipation of such a situation. Disaster kits make tackling these situations easier. We all have experienced COVID-19 and the difficulties of life during such a time. Therefore disaster kits are a must. You can make your own disaster kit, check out

Preparedness is always a better approach to disasters!

  • Child Proofing

This is for households with infants; it is very essentials to get your home child-proofed. You cannot be around your 24x7 nor do you want to restrict their growth and exploration. Childproofing everything in the reach of your child will avoid any such accidents.

Let us step into this New Year with preparedness and caution. Let us not let the pandemic around us get the best of us. All we have to do is to be ready! I hope that these few safety must-haves will make your homes and your families a must safer and happier space. Check out the blog: Kitchen safety tips to know about safety around your kitchen.

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