Types of Dinner Guests

Are you one of those people who sit back and observe all the people at the dinner table? Join me in decoding the types of people at the dinner table! Next time you host a dinner party, the stress can be overpowered by the humor in the characters described below. Sit back and enjoy!

Types of Dinner Guests

Types of Dinner Guests

Having guests over can be so overwhelming and stressful for many of us. A writer once said, “Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were”.  Be it a celebration or a casual weekend get-together, it is imbibed in our cultural practices to call friends and family over! The meet is surely a jolly one yet pleasing everyone at the dinner table is a tedious task.

Are you one of those people who sit back and observe all the people at the dinner table? Join me in decoding the types of people at the dinner table! Next time you host a dinner party, the stress can be overpowered by the humor in the characters described below. Sit back and enjoy!  

The OCD’s

Do not get me wrong, it is not to make fun of anyone dealing with OCD but their table act during a dinner. As the plates are laid on the table, you see this one person who meticulously examines the cutlery. Then soon reaches out or tissue and make sure to shine the cutlery laid out. If you missed this, you would have surely seen this person adjust the table cloth to the right proportions on both sides! These kind-off persons make close attention to the details. They also make sure to caution even before any mishaps can happen! Like use a slip-proof tablet mat or get the right kind of gas safety device! Even though they can be very tedious, they make a great contribution to the dinner party fiasco.

The Drama!

These people are no less than any Broadway show, extremely entertaining and awfully loud! They have a take on literally everything. The drama club has a very screechy laugh, you can surely bet on them laughing every 2 minutes. They have a lot of juicy information about everything and everyone. And they are also the life of the evening. But they can be annoying but surely there can be no dinner party without them.

The just eat!

Why are we here at a dinner party? To socialize over food. When it comes to the just eat’s, their focus of the evening is food minus the socializing! They make sure to cover everything that is on the menu. They do not believe in wasting time over socializing, it is interesting to see how they manage food in the given time. It is like they have their mind mapped on how to attack the food on the table. These types of people are one of my favorites. They appreciate a good plate of food!

The vegans!

I personally have nothing against the vegan culture, yet having vegans over for dinner results in a great deal of stress. The list of no-no’s are endless. This bunch of people knows more about what’s on your plate than anyone, from the number of calories in your bread to the dairy from where you get your milk. They are not specific about their food choices but also everything that is on the table. The casual disapproval nods to the in-depth details about cooking vegan food make sure nobody gets bored at the dinner table.

PS: I do respect their conscious decision to turn vegan!

The critic

They are not just hard to please but a tad bit annoying. Their opinion is the Bible. “Hey it tastes a little bland, I think this would go better with mayo sauce, or don’t you think the meat is a little undercooked” If you are a victim of this guy, you know what I am talking about. They offer an opinion, opinion, opinion and some more to go with your salad! But always remember, we need a plate of everything on the dinner table!

The gadget over the plate

Imagine this; eating and scrolling irrelevant Instagram feed, not paying attention to the food or to the conversations happening at the dinner table. These kinds of people keep to themselves yet they can be pretty annoying. They do not participate in anything happening at the dinner table. The funny part about these guys is that they make occasional chuckles and giggle that makes the whole table stop and stare at them. They also go ahead and take unsolicited photographs of the food and people around. Yet this group makes a really interesting crowd on the table!

The pleaser

 The echoes of “oh wow! Such lovely decor”, “you have a good eye for fashion” or “I am in love with this chicken soup”, I am sure you these people. Now, who doesn’t love them some compliments? They don’t just make you feel good about your efforts but also go ahead and encourage others to participate in praising you! They lighten the mood and bring in a whole lot of positivity along with a lot more exaggerated compliments. But hey! It’s nice to have them around.

The zipped lips

Do you want to enjoy your dinner in quiet? Grab a chair next to the zipped lips! They barely speak; their conversations are plain nods and forceful smiles. I highly doubt if they listen to the conservation happening on the table. They always look so tired of the whole charade of these dinner parties. When I look at this category of people I get a vibe of a wise owl. I personally admire their ability to be this in the midst of such chaos and food! Having said that, there has to be someone who is quiet at the dinner table!

It is said “The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people”, the same applies to a dinner table! This bunch of diverse crowds makes dinner parties memorable and worthwhile. Remember this article was just to awaken a sense of humor in everyday situations and not to offend anyone in any way.

Finally, I hope this tickled your funny bone!

Wish you all the very best for your next dinner party!  

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