What is your kitchen safety score – a checklist for kitchen safety!

How safe is your kitchen? Here is a minimal checklist that will help you assess your kitchen safety. What is your kitchen safety score?

What is your kitchen safety score – a checklist for kitchen safety!

In the recent past, people have started to understand the importance of Kitchen safety. The mishaps and hazards that happen around us are a constant reminder of how hazardous the kitchen can be.  The LPG cylinder we use to cook is highly inflammable. It is said, “Safety first is to be safe always”. It is advisable to step up your safety game while working around the LPG cylinder. Here is a quick safety checklist you can consider while making your kitchen a safe place for your family.

Pin it on the refrigerator and tick the checklist at least once a month. This habit will help you make your kitchen accident-proof. 

  • Make sure the slip-proof mats are in place.
  • Make sure the kitchen is well-ventilated
  • Make sure there is a proper exhaust

  • Make sure the knives and scissors are placed in a stand and out of reach from children.
  • Make sure you have a dedicated place for your cook pots and pans.
  • Make sure you handle hot dishes with caution
  • Make sure you installed a fire extinguisher
  • Make sure the kitchen closets and counter-top are child-proof (In case you have children at home

  • Make sure to wear loose clothing, preferably cotton clothing.
  • Make sure to clear oil spills immediately
  • Make sure to sanitize the kitchen surface. Use non-alcoholic sanitizer to avoid accidents.

David Collins once said, “Do I believe in the concept of Zero Harm? Let’s just say I believe that nothing is impossible”.  Accidents are unavoidable, but we can make all the effort to reduce the accidents around us. Do not forget to have fun and make memories while in the kitchen. This is a small step that you can take towards kitchen safety. Always be alert! Always choose to be safe!

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